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Quick Introduction

A quick introduction to a unique BPM System!  (3 min)

The ProMation Story

    If your company recognizes how significantly good business processes play a role in the success of your business, then you already have well-designed business processes throughout your organization. But the next step is to have them all working within a single system on your company’s network. That single system will make your processes easy to learn and use, very consistent in appearance and operation, and link to each other seamlessly. No process is an island! 

    But it can be frustrating to find something that actually meets all of your expectations in the Business Process Management (BPM) system marketplace. And ProMation is different? Yes – ProMation adheres to the time-tested adage that it’s better to know how to fish for yourself than keep buying more every day. Once you get some good equipment and a couple of lessons – you can go where you want, get all you need, and get it done on your schedule. And … no more buying someone else’s fish. 

    ProMation can provide some great equipment and teach you how to use it. And – just like fishing – you can improve your equipment whenever you want!  

    For 20 years ProMation Systems has been developing high-productivity BPM systems to automate complex business processes for our customers. Now, ProMation will train you how to incorporate your business processes yourself - into a ProMation System. By using this business model, you can have a BPM system which dramatically improves your organization’s results! 

An Experience with Better Productivity

"In 2010 at the beginning of the recession we lost a significant number of our suppliers. Each part they made needed to be transferred to a different supplier and then go through our rigorous SPPAP process. We initially anticipated needing to hire 5 temporary people for a year to handle the increased workload. 

But our own people, by using the SPPAP process in our ProMation System, handled the job completely and we did not need to hire anyone."

Supplier Quality Assurance Manager – Global Operations

A Process Map Overview

Walk through a Business Process Map Overview  (3 min)

ProMation System Benefits

Process Management

  • Processes designed exactly the way you need them to be 
  • All processes use Stage-Gate structure 
  • Include links between processes as needed
  • Consistent user interface for every process 
  • Email or Text notifications to the right people at the right time 
  • Commenting with Replies:  
  •       Provides a permanent chronological history of user discussions during process activity
  •       Comments and replies are blue when previously unseen       
  • Actions are limited to a person’s skillset (job roles + process authorities) for ISO 9000 / Baldrige compliance
  • Three free business processes included + possibly more in the future 


  • A ProMation System will shortcut your in-house development time by about 2 years
  • Standard Microsoft Software (Winforms + SQL Server)
  • 20 years' experience built into the ProMation System
  • Your developer will work independently 
  • Additional uses:
  •       Access application replacement
  •       Reporting application for Accounting, ERP, etc
  •       Balanced Scorecard


  • You purchase an Everyone License for the ProMation System 
  •       No additional software purchases needed
  •       No subsequent charges
  •       Elimination of budget cycle delays will allow successful long-term planning
  • 10% - 20% productivity improvement is expected

ProMation System Description

This video describes how a ProMation System can give an organization the capability to quickly begin creating your own networked business processes to exactly match what your people actually do! (14 min)

Selected Features

This video shows several of the notable features that you can incorporate into your BPM system.  (17 min)


The ProMation System is expected to be generally available during 4Q 2017.

But answers to your questions are available right now!

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